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DAP2 EMI Filter with On-board Type rated current—1A-10A

Short Description:

■ Single Phase AC 220V EMI Filters/Noise Filters
■ Rated Current:1A—10A
■ pin interface design
■ EMI Filter with a good suppression to common-mode and differential-mode interference

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product introduction

DAP2 series of products produced by our company are characterized by pin interface design, convenient circuit board installation, small size, low price, and good performance in solving the high frequency interference of 100Khz-30mhz.
DAP2 Series EMI power line noise filter is made of high-quality manganese-zinc ferrite magnetic rings and capacitors, and has first-class process quality and good performance. pin interface design ,material parameters can be customized. And it is an emi filter with good suppression of common mode and differential mode interference. This product is simple in design, but has better performance, convenient connection, convenient use and low price. DAP2 Series EMI power line noise filter is very popular overseas market, and many customers all over the world contact us for bulk purchase. Our products are of high quality and affordable. We are also a professional manufacturer in China. Our MOQ is not high. If you need samples, you can contact us first. We will provide samples for you to check the quality.

Application cases

They have been widely used in a variety of complex electromagnetic interference environment equipment, such as household appliances, test equipment, medical equipment, fire protection electrical system, urban security monitoring system, stage lighting equipment, power grid control system, LED lighting drive system, industrial automation robot, etc., so as to ensure the normal and safe operation of these equipment and effectively reduce the failure rate of equipment, Reduce the interference of high frequency signal to peripheral equipment and power grid, and escort your EMC conducted radiation test.

Rated voltage


Line Frequency


Test Voltage

1500VDC (line/line)

2150VAC (line/ground)

Insulation Resistance


Climatic category


List of general products

Part No. Rated Current Leakage Current Dimension Electrical Schematics Safety certification Remark
DAI2-1A 1A <0.8mA P2 CUL, CE CQC, ROHS Parameters support customization
DAI2-3A 3A <0.8mA P2
DAI2-6A 6A <0.8mA P2
DAI2-10A 10A <0.8mA P2

Outine Drawing and Dinemsions(mm)

DAA1  Series EMI power noise filters (3)

Insertion Loss

DAA1  Series EMI power noise filters (2)


DAA1  Series EMI power noise filters (2)


DAA1  Series EMI power noise filters (2)


DAA1  Series EMI power noise filters (2)


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